It’s quite interesting about the rumor that Beyonce was allegedly told that she have to soon make a sacrifice or she’s finished. Thus far it is believed that certain celebrities had already made sacrifices of family members, or people that were close to them. Laurn Hill refused to abort her baby, but what will Beyonce do?

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14 thoughts on “BEYONCE’S SACRIFICE?

  1. David Marmer

    I believe there is a reality to this subject in the music industry of pop culture. It would be true of any entity that derives it’s power from a spiritual that seeks to steal , kill , and destroy. My first thought however is an observation from within the christian community at large. Commentary and observation is a great first step to what happens in this world It is without a doubt only a first step. We must counter evil practices with real and positive action, or our sacrifice is no action

  2. Patricia Ann

    You people should be focusing on yo freaking lives instead of wasting your time talking gossips about celebrities you barely know. I mean, do these gossips help you with your life? Do they make you some money? Do they help you improve your livelihood? It doesn’t improve anything or doesn’t solve a freaking problem so STFU. Gosh. It’s not our business anymore. We’re here to listen to her music and not to watch her day-to-day life and who she sacrificed. LOL

  3. daiquirialwayscool

    She also didn’t carry the baby she has now.. isn’t it weird that she wanted to shut down the ENTIRE hospital for the birth? Was it because she didn’t want anyone to see the surrogate leaving the facility? Notice that once people started to actually question whether or not she was really pregnant, she goes into hiding. Baby bump size kept fluctuating from big one month, small the next. There are photos to support this. I don’t believe she ever really pregnant.

  4. Marlin Henry

    This is dumb as shit…anyone who believes this crap really need to get a life.Read a self-help book on how to increase your IQ!….stop bashing people who worked hard to get to where they are today,it didn’t just fall into their laps!This whole illuminati conspiracy theories is getting tiring!

  5. imdyingforyourkiss

    Spiritual means you believe in God but you’re not religious. You know that God exists and He made this universe but you’re not died to a religion.

  6. Emmanuel Kunene

    Those who believe in Jesus Christ must walk tall and be Proud of Jesus Christ to assist those who has been over power by Devil and to decontaminate them from Devil powers God will always be in our side if we trust him for what He does for us in everyday bases Regardless of UNCHRIST GROUP WHO ALWAYS ACT AGAINST THE CHRISTIANITY AS WE ALL KNOW THAT THOSE PEOPLE USE THE POWER OF MONEY TO CONTROL THE WORLD TO WHAT THEY LIKE, DO NOT ALLOW THEM SINCE THEIR POWER IS NOT FOR A LONG TIME WE ARE 4 LONG


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